We all have days where we wish we had an escape route, a back door exit, a way to tune our world and responsibilities out for a bit.  That is one of the major reasons social media and Pinterest get so much action; we can zone out of reality, read up on the lives of those we may or may not actually be friends with, and just maybe someone else is having a crazier day than you.  Perhaps not the healthiest way to grab a moment’s respite, but increasingly the most available.

Since my rabbits haven’t figured out how to navigate the computer’s keyboard or the world wide web, they rely on a more traditional escape.  A real Plan B.  Instincts at work.  Mathea and Mairi call it digging to China.


Burrowing breaks up their day, fulfills an ancestral calling, and provides exercise.  It is a grand change from their palace of a hutch.  The girls literally body plow the dirt away from their den.  It is fascinating and funny to watch.  One of these days I’ll have the camera in hand during, not after, as they spread themselves and the dirt along.  I promise to share when I do.


The rabbits are simple, yet industrious.


Their life is mundane, yet joyful.


They are prey, yet they have curiosity and courage.

Those characteristics are what I admire most about bunnies, why merely observing them brings me pleasure.  I find, when I wish I could tunnel out for a spell, visiting these gals is a fine escape.

As you pause in your day, perhaps surfing online for a moment of respite yourself, I hope these pictures provide a moment of distracted amusement –  surely white wool (that could be a sweater) stained brown from body plowing the earth, is worth a grin.